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Gold Cover Service Contract


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What Benefits Does the Gold Cover Service Contract Provide?

Avoid unexpected costs.  Customers are provided with 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day cover for their central heating system, with no extra charge for labour or parts if repairs are required.  

Our customers also have peace of mind that our team of Service Engineers are Gas Safe registered, and are highly skilled and technically equipped to diagnose and repair faults as soon as possible.  

Gold Cover Service Contract

What Does the Gold Cover Service Contract Provide?

  • An annual service of your natural gas or LPG boiler;
  • Repair and maintenance of your central heating system, with all labour charges included for any repairs;
  • In addition to boiler parts, we also include for the replacement of the following items:
  • Primary flue and draught diverter;
  • Radiators;
  • Thermostatic radiator valves;
  • Lockshield and wheelhead radiator valves;
  • Room thermostat;
  • Hot water cylinder thermostat;
  • Frost thermostat;
  • Time clock or programmer;
  • Circulating pump;
  • Pump valves;
  • Motorised valves;
  • Feed and expansion cistern and system pipes;
  • Central heating copper pipework and fittings.

What if Parts are Needed?

We have strong partnering agreements and excellent working relationships with leading suppliers and manufacturers.  We can, therefore, source most required parts at a competitive rate and in short timescales.

In all instances we will endeavour to replace defective parts as quickly as possible.  However, in exceptional circumstances there may be a delay in sourcing a particular part.  We cannot be held responsible for delays caused due to the limited availability of the product or delays caused by our supply chain or manufacturers.

How Do I Arrange a Gold Cover Service Contract?

Please contact our Service Department on 01675 489480 and select Option 1 to make arrangements to become one of our many valued customers.  Our office hours are 8.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Whilst our Gold Cover Service Contract covers many things, there are a few exceptions.  Our friendly and experienced team would be pleased to post or email to you our full Terms and Conditions which details in full what is covered and what is not.  If our Terms and Conditions are acceptable to you, we would then arrange for a Service Engineer to call to assess the condition of your central heating system, and to advise on whether we could offer you Gold Cover.  This is dependent on the age and condition of the existing central heating system.  

Once you have joined our Gold Cover Service Contract scheme, we will write to you approximately one month prior to the anniversary date to advise of the renewal procedure.  This agreement will end automatically if you do not renew your Contract by the agreed date.

Our out of hours telephone number is 0845 056 4185.  Out of hours emergency calls are deemed as gas leaks and unmanageable water leaks, but not appliance failures which may possibly be dealt with the following day.

Silver Cover Service Contract

If we are unable to take your central heating system onto our Gold Cover, then we may offer you a Silver Cover Service Contract.  This agreement incorporates an annual service of your natural gas or LPG boiler, priority for repairs with no charge for labour, but unfortunately you would have to pay for any parts required.  Please note that we can only fit parts supplied by ourselves as we cannot cover on the Silver Cover Service Contract any parts sourced by others.


Gold Cover Service Contract:   £210.00 inc VAT (central heating boiler and heating system)

Gold Cover Service Contract:  £252.00 inc VAT (central heating boiler, hot water cylinder and heating system)

Silver Cover Service Contract:  £126.00 inc VAT (central heating boiler and heating system)

Silver Cover Service Contract:  £163.00 inc VAT (central heating boiler, hot water cylinder and heating system)

Please note that if you would like your unvented hot water cylinder, gas fire or solar panels serviced at the same time as your natural gas or LPG boiler, we would be pleased to undertake these works for you at the cost of £32.00 inc VAT per appliance.  However, if you are out of the area (further than 15 miles from the office) the cost is £36.00 inc VAT per appliance.

Please note that in order for us to service your gas fire, you must have a copy of your manual so we know how to check/re-position the coals.

If your solar panels require topping up with glycol, there would be an additional charge of £58.00 inc VAT.



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